Homecoming Wildcat FAQ

This year, rather than crown one Homecoming King and one Homecoming Queen, the student Homecoming Committee has decided to crown a single Homecoming Wildcat! We’re excited about this update to a wonderful Northwestern tradition.

What is the Homecoming Wildcat?

  • Instead of voting for one Homecoming king and one Homecoming queen, the student body will vote for one Homecoming Wildcat.
  • The Homecoming Wildcat will select among three different crowns at the Pep Rally when they are announced.
  • These changes were initiated by the student Homecoming Committee based on recommendations from last year’s Homecoming Royalty Court.

What is the selection process for the Homecoming Wildcat?

  • All Homecoming royalty are nominated by the student body and selected by the student Homecoming committee.
    • The 12-person Homecoming Royalty Court formerly included six men and six women; the 12 top candidates will now be selected regardless of gender.
    • Homecoming Royalty Court nominees are interviewed by the student Homecoming Committee composed of students who applied and were selected by the Homecoming advisor and the immediate past Homecoming co-chairs. The Homecoming Committee narrows the Homecoming Royalty Court nominees to 12 for final student voting the week of Homecoming.
  • The voting process, administered by the student Homecoming Committee, will remain the same. Voting will occur the week before Homecoming.
  • All 12 Homecoming royalty will wear the traditional sash
  • All Homecoming royalty will represent the University at various events, from Wildcat Welcome to Homecoming.
  • The Homecoming royalty represent the ideals of the institution
  • Homecoming and Homecoming royalty remain an important part of Northwestern’s traditions and the Northwestern student experience.